Thursday, December 28, 2006

Third Most Inspirational Celeb

UK Sugar Magazine declares the names of the most inspirational celeb for the year 2006. Hilary Duff proudly sets her name included at the 3rd postion. congratulates her for herself being the third most inspirational celeb for the year 2006. Lets see what other records will she break in the forthcoming days.
Here is the list of the celebs listed as the inspirational celebs for the year 2006 by the UK Sugar Magazine ... The Poll was started for this magazine and she has been voted by the Britain's Teenage Girls ..

1. Kylie Minogue (for returning to tour after recovering from breast cancer)
2. Christina Aguilera
3. Hilary Duff
4. Lily Allen
5. Charlotte Church
6. Kelly Clarkson
7. Britney Spears
8. Pink
9. Jordan
10. Coleen McLoughlin

Finest Female of the year 2006

Again the another Record..
Hilary Duff makes herself the world's "Finest Female of the Year 2006"

STARMeter Top 25 for 2006 , Hilary Duff has secured the 15th

Hilary Duff has now been breaking her own records. I must say when I first created a blog for this star, I had a lot of unanswered questions. Since I could hardly find awards for this gorgeous ,I could not remain thinking had I chosen the right celebrity, and much more.....
But now she has been breaking all the records ..Being shortlisted for 99 most desirable women and many more..
The latest news in the 15th position she has secured for the IMDB StarMeter Top 25 for 2006
Here is a list of all those position holders in the IMDB STARMeter Poll for 2006.

1)Johnny Depp (last year, 1)
2)Brad Pitt (last year, 3)
3)Jessica Alba (last year, 6)
4)Angelina Jolie (last year, 2)
5)Scarlett Johansson (last year, 13)
6)Keira Knightley (last year, 8)
7)Lindsay Lohan (last year, 4)
8)Tom Cruise (last year, 7)
9)Paris Hilton (last year, 5)
10)Natalie Portman (last year, 9)
11)Jennifer Aniston (last year, 12)
12)Rachel McAdams (last year, 17)
13)Christian Bale (last year, 14)
14)Kate Beckinsale (last year, wasn't listed on the list)
15)Hilary Duff (last year, 10)
16)Emma Watson (last year, 15)
17)Jake Gyllenhaal (last year, wasn't listed on the list)
18)Orlando Bloom (last year, 11)
19)Zac Efron (last year, wasn't listed on the list)
20)Tom Hanks (last year, 24)
21)Heath Ledger (last year,wasn't listed on the list )
22)Daniel Radcliffe (last year, 18)
23)Bruce Willis (last year, wasn't listed on the listst)
24)Reese Whitherspoon (last year, wasn't listed on the list)
25)Kirsten Dunst (last year, 23)

She leaves the 10th position provided for the last year but anyway she is at the 15th.