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Hilary Duff's Concert in Everett, review and videos of the Performance

Hilary Duff gave another blazing performance in Everett.

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But the show was packed only with the 25% of the total capacity, and the fans were seemed to be trying to make it out a LARGE ONE.

Duff opened with crowd favorites such as "Coming Clean," "Beat of My Heart" and "Our Lips are Sealed," belting out the catchy hooks in her light, airy voice, which still has a childlike quality.

The music had such a prepackaged sound that it was hard to tell if the musicians were actually playing. The young band members banged away at drums, strummed the guitars and fingered the piano in a manner akin to a Disney Channel music video.
There was no edge, or spontaneity to the sound, just a sing-song rhythm repackaged and rehashed to accompany Duff's multiple outfits and play-acting choreography.

"So Yesterday," was a little better. The band infused it with a reggae beat, and the Bob Marley hook, "Everything's gonna be all right" from "No Woman, No Cry," which made the song less predictable.

Her rendition of "Love is a Battlefield" was equally surprising, replacing Pat Benatar's angry edge with a poplike ode to girl power.

New songs from her "Dignity" album ("With Love," "I Wish" and "Dignity") amped up the pop appeal with edgy electronic beats — not as robotic as the Bravery or as club-friendly as Justin Timberlake, but entertaining enough.

She closed with the best song on her "Dignity" album, "Stranger," which has a seductive Arabic flute and pulsating electronic beats similar to Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave for You." Although the music lacked substance, one thing is clear — the girl has got style and a powerhouse marketing machine. Her fans left decked out in Duff hoodies, and holding glow pens and pamphlets covered with glamour photos of the pop-star-in-the-making.

The opening act, Lifehouse, was more musically mature — too bad the crowd didn't know who they were. The band rocked out with lead singer Jason Wade's trademark raspy, sultry voice soaring over escalating guitar riffs in "Hanging by a Moment" and over the slow melodic "You and Me."

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Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne to perform at Teen Choice 2007

OK, all you "American Idol" fans. Kelly Clarkson will sing "Never Again" at Teen Choice 2007, and you can decide if she's on the right career path.

Teen Choice 2007 will air from 8 to 10 p.m. Aug. 26 on Fox. Avril Lavigne will sing "Girlfriend" at the show, which Hilary Duff and Nick Cannon are hosting. Lavigne and Clarkson are nominees for this year's awards.

Other musicians taking part include the Jonas Brothers, Ashlee Simpson, Bow Wow, Omarion and Sum 41. Fox says more performers will be announced soon. But those scheduled to take part include:

Ryan Reynolds of "Just Friends," Zac Efron of "High School Musical," Jessica Alba of "Fantastic Four," America Ferrera of "Ugly Betty," Miley Cyrus of "Hannah Montana," Dane Cook of "Good Luck Chuck," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson of "The Game Plan," Jared Padalecki of "Supernatural," Taylor Kitsch of "Friday Night Lights" and Lauren Conrad of "The Hills."

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After I went through this post, spontaneously I remembered the clash between Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne. I do not know this will solve the rivalry between these two sweeties or even increase more... Got to see that.

Hilary Duff is a "MULTIMEDIA TYCOON"

Recently I had gone through a news item featured with our beautiful star-Hilary Duff. The news in site InsideBayArea.com had remarked Hilary as the multimedia Tycoon.
So what, it made me recall why she had to be said so. First the famous POP Star, a good and INSPIRATIONAL Celeb and next the CEO of her own lifestyle company, which makes her the second richest teen for 2007 with an annual income of $12 million.

So, isn't see the MULTIMEDIA TYCOON? I aggred.

Hilary Duff's Performance at Victoria

After the Friday's performance it was at Victoria this Saturday. Some great videos of the live performance in front of the roaring crowd are to be followed below...

Play with Fire:

The Getaway:

Courtesy: Hilarynews.com

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Hilary Duff candid at Victoria

Hilary Duff waving at her fans in Vancouver prior to her Friday night's performance.

Image Courtesy: Enewsbuzz
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