Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff at Much Love Animal Rescue Benefit at the Playboy Mansion

Hilary and Haylie were both at the Much Love Animal Rescue Benefit at the Playboy Mansion on 14th of July.

They were both honored with the Gold Heart Award for promoting Animal Rescue by example.








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Hilary Duff Featured in US Weekly, Hilary Duff weight issues, How she shapes Up and a lot more...

Click the images to view the pages of the magazine in which Hilary has been covered.

Hilary Duff featured in US weekly magazineHilary Duff featured in US weekly magazine
Hilary Duff featured in US weekly magazine

Hilary Duff featured in US weekly magazine

Also the interview from the magazine,
The Hilary’s New Beau? section:
Who gave Duff a piggyback ride into the waves and frolicked with her in the water? Club promoter Frankie Delgado. "We’re just friends," Duff tells US, adding that fellow partygoer Brody Jenner is also merely "a good friend of mine." The performer insists that she’s single - and savoring it. "I haven’t met anyone who has really excited me or made me want to be serious with him," she says. "So I’m having a really good time being alone and learning a lot about myself. It’s empowering!"

When asked about Nicole Richie being pregnant with Joel Madden’s baby, Hilary Duff insists there are no bad feelings and that Joel will be a "great dad."


Hilary Duff at the POPStarz and at Les Deux

Hilary Duff's another blazing, hot and sexy performance at POPStarz . Some pictures of the performance, after the performance just leaving POPStarz.

Performance Pics

Performance Videos

Leaving POPStarz

After leaving POPStarz Hilary Duff was seen in Les Deux.
Les Deux candids

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Hilary Duff with Frankie Delgado at Hyde

The rumor of Hilary Duff dating Frankie Delgado has never been a rumor anymore as said in the Hilary Duff news everywhere.

Now we have pictures of Hilary Duff holding hand with Frankie, and seems as if they are now supporting for each other. WOW! its good to find this.

Where had he proposed Hilary? Its a BIG Q, probably at the beach party or elsewhere, Wherever that be, Let this relation go on stronger. All the well wishes that are possible are all laid down for Hilary and Frankie.






Not only Frankie, there were even more friends with Hilary, including her always together sister Haylie Duff and the heavy looking Talon Torriero, who is also mostly with these guys and Brody Jenner too.

Some great pictures of all of them.

The pictures seem to be at the same location, and are different also, a bit amazing.