Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Duff Sisters, always together...

Hilary Duff, and her sister Haylie Duff, ... wherever they go,most of the time they be together. And all that I will proceed below happened on the same day, 2nd of July.

What to say, let this bond between the sisters, never end up as just so.

Joseph's Night Club




Hilary Duff featured in Stella Magazine and Todd Cole

Hilary Duff has been again featured in Stella Magazine for July 1st, the UK Sunday Telegraph.Coverage of the magazine at Hilary Duff Encyclopedia...





And also two more photos shot by Todd Cold for the Stella Magazine Spread.



Courtesy: Hiaryduffmag.com

Hilary Duff in Les Deux

Hilary Duff went to Les Deux nightclub 30th of June with Haylie and some friends.

Some great pictures are to be here...

Courtesy: Hilarynews.com and Hduffworld.com

Hilary Duff from Chicago to LA

Some great candids of Hilary Duff when she just returned to LA from Chicago..

Courtesy: Celebutopia.com

Abercrombie Kids and “Dreamer”

Hilary Duff's one of the best tracks -"Dreamer", is featured on Abercrombie Kids’ website.

Click this link then on a92 radio after visiting the site to play the song...

Hilary Duff on Sewing Today

Hilary Duff has been covered in the latest Sewing Today magazine.

"INTRODUCING HILARY DUFF: Actress/songstress Hilary Duff introduces her new line for ‘tweens stuff by Hilary Duff, and shares her sewing and design philosophy with us."

Blender rates 'Stranger' with 3 stars

Blender gives Hilary Duff 3 stars (***) for her latest video "Stranger":

When it comes to straight-ahead electro-pop, Hilary Duff and Katharine McPhee are leading the pack this year with their excellent respective LPs. And while we’re still waiting on McPhee’s video for her potentially huge hit "Love Story," the Duff is back on the small screen with her clip for "Stranger." Like most of her Dignity album, this song has Hilary lamenting a relationship gone awry with a guy who can’t help being a jackass (wonder who she’s talking about…). And in this video, it just so happens that the new, more mature Duff is forced (forced!) to go undercover as a belly dancer to bust her fickle boyfriend. (She’s also apparently forced into giving us shameless close-ups of a certain cell phone, but no matter.) Her dancing skills are still a tad stilted but she makes up for it with some key "despondent" and "perturbed" acting faces. One thing’s for sure, this thing blows away anything Good Charlotte’s done in the last couple years.

Hilary Duff in Saftey Glass- the movie by Jonathan Glatzer

Hilary Duff has made herself attached to a new movie directed by Jonathan Glatzer - the pop video director ,co-starrring Steve Coogan. The movie has been named as "Safety Glass" .

"A reporter is sent to cover the Challenger Space Shuttle launch only to become mixed up in the lives of some local high schoolers."

"Safety Glass" as stated will due out in 2008 and stars
  • Amber Tamblyn,
  • Amanda Peet,
  • Michael Angarano,
  • Molly Shannon and
  • Amanda Seyfried.
It will be filmed in New Hampshire and New York.

Hilary Duff wants to get MARRIED

The Beautiful, hot and sexy and the stunning Hollywood Actress cum Pop Singer cum Fashion Designer ( and a lot ...), Hilary Duff announces that she wants to get married.

In one of the Ryan Seacrest's shows in E! News, telecast on 28th of June , in her interview Hilary Duff quotes the following ...

"I want to be married and have children,but ... I want to wait until I'm in my 30's for that"
This is another time when Hilary Duff has revealed her secrets. Once Hilary Duff Encyclopedia had talked about Hilary Duff being virgin, her attitudes towards sex and marriage, and her marriage relations, that she waits for. The Previous stories in this very matter is here
[What does Hilary thinks about sex] and
[IS Hilary Duff Virgin ?]

This time she clearly reveals what she feels about marriage and what she wants in her marital relations. All the wishes are to Hilary and who ever comes to her life as partner and as the children.

About me- Hilary and myself are born at the same day (September 28th) and she is exactly two years younger than me. Till now I have not done any such appreciable tasks that makes so that whenever I reveal my secrets the world makes an issue of that. Poor Me !

Hilary Duff's Interview on E! News for Bikini Shots

Wow! Now there is an answer why should Hilary lose those pounds, and how she has been feeling. E! News telecasted an interview with the stunning actress regarding her sexiest pose and the killing abs.
She quotes...

"... I wasn't eating a balanced diet and I did get too thin"
"I want to be married and have children,but ... I want to wait until I'm in my 30's for that"
Here is the video from the E! News as it was telecast.

Don't worry if the video does not buffer. Some of the screenshots are posted here too.