Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nicole Richie is pregnant

Its almost known to all till now that Hilary Duff and the Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden had a split up few months ago. They had a lovely relation for some around 8 years and had a split up. Why had he left Hilary, the answer was Nicole Richie. And now, Nicole is pregnant with a child by the same frontman.

Rumors of the pregnancy have circulated for several months and now Richie's noticeably swelled belly makes her reveal the secret,they had been trying to conceal.

Also they are going to get married this summer. Nicole,25, is a socialite and reality-TV mainstay and Joel,28, a Good Charlotte frontman.

Congratulations to Hilary, she does not have to bother about that guy who had left her now. Never Bother about.

Where had the Rocker and the Richie made you know? See this beach...

(Better not to include Hilary's pic here...)
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News Courtesy: TMZ and MTV