Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hilary Duff Teamed up with StarDoll

Stardoll, is the website that lets you dress up your favorite stars or even yourself and Hilary Duff has tied uo with the website.

So,Cool things about this is that Hilary Duff will be on Stardoll for live chats, browse the inspired-by-Hilary fashion designs, and listen to her music online.

From the profile of Hilary at Stardoll, I have extracted these, the favourites of Hilary Duff.

  • Hilary’s favourite celeb is Hayden Panettiere
  • Hilary’s favourite color is red
  • Hilary’s favourite tv show is Entourage
  • Hilary’s future dream job is to work as an architect

From the press release:

LOS ANGELES and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 20 /PRNewswire/ — Stardoll, the world’s largest online entertainment destination for girls aged 10-17 focused on fun, fashion and friends, today announced that pop icon Hilary Duff, has officially joined its virtual community. By debuting a "Real Celebrity" page with her label, Hollywood Records, Hilary and Stardoll have launched a unique promotional platform from which she can interact with Stardoll’s more than 8 million members of aspiring fashionistas and pop culture enthusiasts.

Soon, when a member of Stardoll visits Hilary’s "Real Celeb" page they

will have the opportunity to browse virtual fashion designs inspired by actual de

signs created by Hilary herself, which they can buy with Stardollars — the site’s virtual currency. Having recently launched her own fashion collection of tween couture — known as "Stuff by Hilary Duff" — the artist is recognized among her fans as a talented fashion designer with a variety of cultural influences from around the world. If members log in at the

right time, they could have the opportunity to talk with her about those influences by participating in a live online chat with her.

In addition, anyone who visits Stardoll will soon be greeted by a recording of her voice welcoming them to the site and inviting them to discover her music. Today she launches a playlist of streaming songs and video from her just-released album "Dignity." Fans can listen to her music privately or can hold Hilary "Listening Parties," where they gather together in a virtual room to chat and enjoy her newest tunes. All of her fans will have the ability to access Hilary’s concert tour schedule, promotional photos, and to visit the digital storefront where Stardoll members can purchase real CDs or DVDs.

"I’m extremely excited to join Stardoll," said Hilary Duff. "There’s such a positive energy and passion for creativity and personal expression running through the community. I’m looking forward to sharing my music and fashion ideas with everyone."

Hilary Duff wins the Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) for 2007

Hilary Duff wins the Much Music Video Awards 2007 for the Best International Artist Category.
How did this go on.
First there was a voting flyer to vote Hilary for the MMVA(Much Music Video Awards 2007) where she was nominated for Best International Artist 2007.

She makes rehearseals for the MMVA's stage show.

She steps on the Red Carpet

She performs With Love at the show.

She presents award for the "Best Rock Video" to Billy Talent .

And what is remained, then watch this video and read next ...

Yes she wins the People's Choice Best International Artist for the year 2007.

Do not forget to watch all the pictures of the MMVA here

"Stranger"- officially remixed

Hilary Duff's the latest video released song "Stranger" has now been remixed officially. The remix and the original videos are included here. Better view both of them.

Hilary Duff's visit to Normadine Elementary School

Hilary Duff went to visit LA’s Normandie Elementary School on 14th of June for the "Blessings in a Backpack program", of which she is a part.

Normandie Avenue is a nurturing community school that is dedicated to helping children achieve, believe, and succeed in a global society fueled by social and academic excellence.

Blessings in a Backpack program was organised by and is a support programme for the students in the school.

And finally she receives a thanks giving message through which is as is from the site and pasted here...

The 3rd grade class of Normandie Elementary sends this message to Hilary Duff via

Thank you for the backpacks on the weekends. We really like them. We also want to thank you for taking the time to come and visit us at our school on Thurs. June 14. The Cold Stone Ice Cream was delicious. Thank you so very much!
Some of the pictures are available here and to view all other pictures please visit the Flickr Account Page of Hilary Duff Encyclopedia here


Hilary Duff is a Great Actress

John Cusack (John Paul Cusack (born June 28, 1966) is an American film actorwriter.) and - calls Hilary Duff a “great actress”

In an interview with MTV John Cusack reveals how much he admires Hilary Duff.

MTV: Is it true you requested [Hilary Duff for "War, Inc."]?

Cusack: Yep. Well, the part was … she played a pop idol from central Asia. So, she was like a Hilary — but not Hilary, because Hilary is so classy — but like a real, and I won’t name names, but a real slutty pop star. … Hilary is the opposite of that, of course. I think for her to play that, or to parody that, was really great.

MTV: What’s the biggest misconception [of her]?

Cusack: I think probably people wouldn’t know how talented she is. I mean, she’s a great actress. I just spent the entire fall with her and she was a revelation every day. I don’t think people know that yet, but they’re gonna.

Wow, Causak its true and you have spoken that. This will really be a plus point to Hilary.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Hilary Duff's Blog entry for the Endfest Performance

Hilary Duff writes in her blog about her experiences and her performance at the Endfest's.

Having Fun! [ 6/11/2007 ]
- Posted by : Hilary
Where do I start? I have been having fun, this weekend we were in Sacramento for a radio show with 107.9 KDND. We had a ball. It was out doors, I got to chill out in good weather. I performed 12 songs with my band. There were other artists there like Gym Class Heroes, Katherine McPhee and The Click 5 and Ne-YO. We signed autographs and the fans were crazy hyped!! I have to say that I am having so much fun with my new band. Everyone is so cool and like laid back. We all just gel together. After the show, we went to a nice sushi place and laughed and talked and the hung out a little. I like Sacramento, it is a nice breath of fresh air.

My weekend was good, I am back in LA and I only have rehearsal today for like 5 hours. We are getting ready for the summer tour! It’s new, exciting and different! Fatima, my choreographer has been challenging me and pushing me to places where I have never gone. I am learning and evolving and it feels good.

I gotta go to rehearsals, I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Below are some of the pictures Hilary has uploaded to her blog. (More available in this site )