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Hilary Duff Going to Perform at Factory Night Club

Hilary Duff is Going to perform at the Factory Night Club on 13th July hosted by Perez Hilton.
She will be performing for the croud of 1000 people.

Visit the Factory's Site for Tickets and more.

Hilary Duff's Interview on E!

Hilary Duff's interview with E! about

  • Plans are for her next single
  • working on War Inc, and
  • Upcoming projects.
The interview is as below.

Your second single off the Dignity album, "Stranger," just came out. Do you have any plans for a third single?
We just shot the video for "Stranger." My choreographer, Fatima Robinson, actually shot it. She does BeyoncĂ© and has worked with all these great people, and she’s like, "I wanna direct now." I love how it turned out. I’m gonna do something on my Website where people can vote for what they’d pick for the next single, because I want to hear it from the people who are actually listening to the album.

You also have a new film coming out with John Cusack. What led you to this more adult role?
I was in the middle of making my record when I read the script, and my agents called me and were like, "You’re going to have to play a pop star, but it’s a pretty good script," and I’m like, "No, I don’t even want to read it." I wasn’t interested in making a movie unless I could do something that was very different from what I have done before. I just wanted people to see me differently. I know I have a big young following, and they probably won’t even see that movie, but [I wanted to] grow and challenge myself and work with great people like John and Joan Cusack, Ben Kingsley and Marisa Tomei. It is such a great cast, and I really got a chance to push the envelope.

I’ve seen the trailer, with the scorpion—
Down the pants? That was so terrifying, but I had the best time! It was such a great creative outlet, and I want to do more of that.

Any upcoming projects lined up?
There are a couple of independent movies I really want to do, but it’s a matter of timing. My record came out, so I am really going to focus and tour, tour, tour—and that’s what is going to make the record huge. I want people to hear all the new music I wrote. We start in Canada, and we’re going to be there for three weeks. Then the tour starts Aug. 6 in the States, and we’ll be here for two months.

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Hilary Duff, Independence Day, Beach and Bikini

Hilary Duff hosted an independence day party and spent the 4th of July at the beach in Malibu. Haylie Duff ,including Brody Jenner and a lot of friends were at the beach.

Now, Perez Hilton claims Hilary Duff and Brody Jenner are not dating, but Just Jared says they are. - Courtesy:
And after the Shape magazine previews with a lot of bikini pictures, now Hilary Duff seems more confident to put on the bikini at the public places too.The Black and cute one this time.

Some great pictures to go here.
Having Fun













Hilary Duff Beach

For all the pictures from the Beach Party visit this link...

Hilary Duff nominated for Teen Choice Awards

Hilary Duff has been nominated for a FOX Teen Choice Award 2007 which will air 26 of August on FOX, for the category "Choice Love Song"

  • With Love by Hilary Duff
  • First Time by Lifehouse
  • Don’t Matter by Akon
  • Lost Without You by Robin Thicke
  • Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

Hilary Duff is frustrated of the Show Bussiness

Hilary Duff is frustrated of the show bussiness. Herself not taken seriously, and the crazy schedules assigned to her, has made her admit her frustration.

Some of the extracts of "Stella Magazine", where Hilary has just been featured on the cover and in the cover story, and those from withdrawn from .

Hilary Duff has revealed she sometimes wonders whether the stress of being famous is worth it.

Hilary told Stella magazine recently that combining her film and pop careers is hard work: “I go get stressed out and I do get sad sometimes about the constant work.”
“When I travel a lot usually I’m just so tired that I just want to go to my hotel room and sleep. After doing that for a couple of months you think, ‘Why do I do this? Where’s the reward?’ ”

She added that it’s especially frustrating when she puts in the effort but casting directors fail to see her potential as a serious actress: “They’ll meet with me. They’ll want to go somewhere and talk, ask questions. Then they’ll call and say, ‘We really love her, she’s great, wow.’ But they have no imagination.”

“I know people look at me and think I’m just so mainstream, ‘She’s just a blonde, young girl.’ But I want to be really artistic.”