Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hilary Duff’s blog entry for May 21

gr8 time! [ 5/21/2007 ]- Posted by : Hilary

  • Wow, I had a gr8 time over the last seven days. I hung out with my sister Haylie in Miami and then we went to NY to go to an event. We stayed out late with our friends. We had to fly out early to Atlanta to visit a school for contest winners. We overslept and were at the airport packing outside, it was crazy. Then, we had to fly straight back to New York (Long Island) for our radio shows and next fly to Boston where it was rainy and cold, but the people were cool.
    I had fun and got to hang out a little bit with my band, we vibed and got to know each other better. New York was nice, Rihanna came up to me and said "Hi" and was very nice. I also talked and laughed backstage with Chris and his band Dashboard Confessional. Everyone was there. Oh yeah, there were so many people outside in the hallway so my security guy, Ryan, put A sign on the outside of my door that said Suge Knight and in about five minutes the hallway was clear. On tour this summer, I want to play pranks and jokes on the band and staff and put it on my web page.
    I can’t wait until this summer. At the radio shows, I had a good response to all of my new and old music, it felt good to be out there and to also have some new stuff to do. This summer is going to be hot. I can’t wait…Oh yeah, thanx for retiring With Love last week on TRL! Stranger will be out in another week and I want it to make it on the countdown too. I just saw the first rough cut of it and it looked good!
    Gotta go…Check out all of my pics this week!