Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is Hilary Duff virgin?

Recently I had written about Hilary Duff being vigin and Recently I found an article which is as follows ...

Hilary Duff is not a virgin
July 29, 2006
Not long ago, Elle magazine ran a story about Hilary Duff, where supposedly she claimed being a virgin. I wasn’t sure what to believe at the time, but I definitely know what to believe now, after in an interview with MuchNews yesterday, the young actress said:
"The thing is that I didn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that. I don’t know how [the writer] got that out of what I said. Definitely not something that I would talk about or that I would want people to focus on. Or that I even think it’s appropriate to talk about. Whose business is that?"
One thing is for sure: Joel Madden is getting a first class piece of you-know-what. Good for him!


So what to think about it, its better to discuss or not ?

Screenshots of Hilary Duff covered in the Cosmopolitan magazine

Hilary Duff has been included in the Cosmopolitan magazine once again. Cosmopolitan is a Hungarian magazine and has featured Hilary in this June edition. Below are the screenshots of Hilary in the very magazine , including all the pages inside where Hilary has been shooted.

[Sorry for not being able to upload the images this time,due to the slow connection] I have used the pictures instead. Apologies and thanks to

Maxim Hot 100 Party -the Gossips

There has been many gossips related to the Maxim Hot 100 Party related to Hilary and the party itself. I have tried to collect all the gossips and everything related to the party , from History to the till date...

  • About the Maxim's Hot 100 Party
    Maxim is an international men's magazine that is prominent for depicting popular actresses, singers, and other female celebrities in sexually alluring poses, usually wearing lingerie or other brief attire. The U.S. version of the magazine, unlike the European versions, does not feature frontal nudity. There is some controversy as to whether or not this should be classified as softcore pornography. -Wikipedia

    It organises party every year which declares the top 100 Hot Women for the respective year.
  • 100 Hots for this year 2007...
    This year too Maxim has declared the top 100 HOT women .
  • Our Concern
    Basically, we talk about Hilary ,her position and other gossips related to Hilary...
  • The Party Interview...

  • Avril vs Hilary

    Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne were at the same party in New York last week, but they had to be kept far, far apart because of long-running bitchfight, says Metro New York. The two pop starlets were supposed to come at different times, but arrived at the same time, and Avril was “driving everyone crazy” with her anger.

    Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne made it clear that their long-running feud is very much still on when they bumped into each other at a recent party.
    Both singers had been scheduled to arrive at Maxim’s Hot 100 bash at different times but a cock-up meant that the pair arrived the same time.
    According to Metro NY, the rest of the evening was a constant battle to keep the warring stars apart, with both parties threatening to leave if the other stayed.
    An eyewitness says there was "definite tension" at the party and that Avril’s anger was "driving everyone crazy."
    Why can’t they just play nicely?

    c) It is said that they are having these clashes since 2004. Hilary is 19 this time and Avril is 21 and they both were born in September. So why do they have such issues, regularly, what is the matter of ego between them, its a big Q.