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Hilary Duff Bedding Line


Hilary Duff Performing at Air Canada Centre Atlanta, GA 9/4/2007 7:27 PM GMT (FINDITT) Hilary Duff will perform at the Air Canada Centre on Saturda

Atlanta, GA 9/4/2007 7:27 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Hilary Duff will perform at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday, September 08, 2007.

Duff, an American actress and pop singer, increased fame with her starring role on the television series Lizzie McGuire. Hilary Duff went on to develop her film career, with various successful films including, “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” (2003), “Cheaper by the Dozen” (2003) and “A Cinderella Story” which was released in (2004).

Hilary Duff's latest album entitled ‘Dignity,’ was released in April 2007. Her second single on the album ‘entitled "With Love" became Hilary’s biggest U.S. Hot 100 hit and topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

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Duff gives audience what it wanted


Hillary Duff is the center of attention Saturday at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. Related photo on Picture Page, C8.

DARIEN — She’s not going to rehab, she isn’t serving a highly publicized jail term, and as far as I know, she isn’t picking out baby clothes anytime soon.

And if Saturday night was any indication, Hilary Duff fans [and their parents] seem more than OK with that.

Perhaps that’s because 75 percent of the audience that showed up at Darien Lake to support Duff was under the age of 15, and when it comes right down to it, these kids are looking for a role model rather than a racy tabloid celebrity.

Instead of grabbing headlines with stories of DUI turmoil and drug busts like her peers, the uncharacteristically mature Duff has made a point throughout her career to be someone her tween fans can look up to. And though you won’t see any paparazzi pics of Duff’s car wrapped around a tree in People magazine, you will see her fresh, doe-eyed face promoting her ever-expanding brand.

In addition to being recognized for her breakout role, Disney Channel’s Lizzy McGuire, Duff has made a name for herself through her clothing line, big-screen projects and her recently released perfume, With Love.

Duff’s Darien Lake show brought another title to the young star’s resume: semi-decent pop-rock princess. Click Five, a Gin Blossoms, Romantics love child of sorts, opened the night to a sea of screams, homemade posters and, of course, marriage proposals.

The young guys were hugely popular with the young crowd, who stood on their seats and bopped along to “Just the Girl,” “When I’m Gone” and “Flipside.” And although the Five received a standing ovation, the audience was clearly awaiting the entrance of the Duffster.

And she made quite the entrance. With strobe lights flashing and dancers gyrating to their own rave parties, Duff finally appeared onstage, taking the spotlight with plenty of hip shaking and model-esque poses. Dressed in silver shortshorts, a bikini top and not much else, Duff shimmied through her opening number, “Play With Fire,” along with her hyperenthusiastic — and very tacky — dance troupe.

There were absolutely no traces of fresh-faced, innocent Lizzy McGuire; instead, a sanitized Britney Spears stood before the Darien crowd. Fortunately, from the sound of the ear-piercing screams, the audience approved.

“Are you guys having a good night?” Duff asked her adoring audience. “I love that you guys are standing already. Does that mean that I won’t have to ask you to later?”

But she already knew the answer. Her young fans were mesmerized by her flashy show, which covered Duff’s hits as well as many tracks off of her latest musical effort, “Dignity.”

Although the upbeat “Danger,” “Get Away” and “Come Clean” all seemed to trigger a content response, the gem of the night came when the carnival lights were put on pause. During the slow, acoustic “Someone’s Watching Over Me,” the strobe lights ceased, and the singer’s true talent was finally able to peek through.

At night’s end, it didn’t really matter what her song selection was or how polished her dance moves were. For the Duffs-intraining who showed up to sing their hearts out, merely seeing their idol in the flesh was more than enough.

Concert Review

Hilary Duff

With the Click Five on Saturday night at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.


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Hilary Duff has Bamboo on her ears

Hilary Duff is scarce of Earrings now. Better to say kidding. She never leaves her favorite earrings made by CC SKYE and called "Large Gold Bamboo Earrings" and do cost reasonably $132.

See them clearly...

Hilary Duff Caught in Act with LOLA

As said in People.com segment, Caught in ACT

Hilary Duff, walking through the lobby of dog-friendly Nine Zero Hotel in Boston with her Chihuahua Lola. From the doggie room service menu, Duff ordered several Ambassador Kissie-Face Frappes – canine concoctions of blended raspberries, yogurt, honey, banana and cinnamon, all delivered on a silver tray.

Courtesy: People.com

Hilary Duff will be visiting MuchMusic.

Just Announced:

September 7th, 2007, Hilary Duff will be visiting MuchMusic.
9:30 PM MuchOnDemand
* Catch a special edition of MuchOnDemand with VJ Leah Miller and Hilary Duff!

Remember, this is a SPECIAL edition of the show since it will be airing in the evening! Oh-hilary will keep you updated!

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Hilary Duff pictures by Cliff Watts for Seventeen magazine

Here are some untagged Hilary Duff outtake photos from the Cliff Watts Photoshoot for Seventeen Magazine.

See more at hilarynews.com
Courtesy: superiorpics & hduffworld

Hilary Duff featured in the October issue of SUGAR

Click to Enlarge the photos.

Thanks: hilaryfan.com & Hilarynews.com

Hilary Duff Allentown Concert Pictures

August 31 was a day for Hilary @ Allentown, PA concert as a part of her Dignity Tour.

See the amazing pictures. (She changes her outfit this time, and changes a lot of times, I think she heard something from us, Ha ! Ha !)
See more pictures at Hilarynews.com

Mike Comrie is a sweet Boyfriend

People.com is reporting how sweet Mike Comrie is to Hilary:

Hilary Duff, texting her new hockey player beau Mike Comrie after he left their outside table at Hollywood hotspot Opera. Heading inside the club with his male friends for a bit of a "guy’s night," Comrie was attentive to Duff’s texts, and occasionally checked on her at her outside table with sister Haylie Duff. After a few hours, Duff and her entire crew left through the front door.

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