Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hilary Duff USA Today Interview

Hilary Duff, 19, has come a long way since starring as Disney Channel's Lizzie Maguire. She's now no longer a mere actress or singer. Like so many stars these days, she's a brand, with a fashion line for teens and a cyberspace shingle hung on the teen community website Stardoll.com. But she still acts and sings: Two movies are coming, and she is touring in Canada to support her latest album, Dignity. (The U.S. leg starts Aug. 6 in Everett, Wash.) USA TODAY catches up with her:

Q: Will your tour costumes show off the body you worked so hard to attain?

A: The costumes are going to be amazing. There are four wardrobe changes, and all of them are either mini dresses or skirts. A lot of them are washed metallic fabrics with big holes cut out on the side for a retro look. There are motorcycle vests and burlesque-looking fringe micro-miniskirts.

Q: How will you maintain your healthy physique while on the road?

A: You have to discipline yourself. We ask for lots of fruits and veggies, but I do cheat in moderation with pizza.

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Q: What is one concert convention you will never do?

A: Never pour water on people, because if it happened to me, I'd be (peeved).

Q: What friends and family will be joining you on the tour?

A: No one for the whole time. Traveling so much gets hard on my mom (Susan), being away from her house and her dog. She'll come for the first couple of shows with her dog and then visit a couple more times. Same with my sister (Haylie) and friends. My dogs, Jack and Lola, both come tour with me, which is fun. It makes it easier for me to be in a hotel or bus all the time.

Q: You started the tour in Canada. Any special memories from Canadian tours?

A: Canada was the first time I was ever around snow, and it could be freezing. Sometimes it was so cold we couldn't go outside for a week at a time, and I didn't want to get sick. But sometimes if I had a couple of days off, we would just go play in the snow and get big cardboard boxes to slide down hills.

Q: What fun things do you do during the show?

A: In between the new songs, there's a medley we cut together of fans' favorite (Duff) songs. And I remade Love Is a Battlefield. And then we do No Woman, No Cry in the middle of So Yesterday.

Q: How are you still like a kid?

A: We have these stupid little motorbikes we ride around backstage, and we play pranks on people.

Q: When you look out into your audience, how have the faces changed?

A: From the beginning, there of course were little girls, but there were also college-student girls there. And boys. Pretty diverse. But it has gotten older as I've gotten older.

And kids don't want to bring their parents to the concerts. I love that, because I remember when I got to do that. But it also cuts ticket sales in half. It makes everything a little smaller now during this transitional phase.

Courtesy: USAToday

The interview also has a video. The video screenshots from Hilarynews.com

The interview - a video interview - talks about Hilary Duff being a ‘good girl’, making up with Lindsay Lohan, and about Stardoll. Hilary Duff shows Will how it works by dressing up Brad Pitt.
Then Hilary Duff shows him some of her new Stuff by Hilary Duff clothes. So cute! Her trademark on the clothes is there because of her nickname - people call her a Bee. Cute!

Hilary Duff Winnipeg Concert Video and High Quality Pictures

Hilary Duff’s ‘Dignity’ Tour premiere concert in Winnipeg is videoed here.
The video includes her performance of ‘Gypsy Woman’.

More videos will be included...

And some pictures from the concert
courtesy: oh-hilary.com

Hilary Duff's New Band

Hilary Duff has chosen her official band.

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