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Hilary Duff Teen Choice Award 2007, Everything Covered, HOW SHE HOSTS to HOW SHE WINS has the full coverage of the Teen Choice Awards 2007 and Hilary herself making in the show. So, we with deep regret to ourselves and respect to and Arieanna, we like to add all the links to having the posts related to Teen Choice Awards 2007.

Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Backstage
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Arrivals
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Arrivals Part 2
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Show
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Video
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Rapping
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Retreat
Hilary Duff Wins Teen Choice Awards 2007
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Portraits
Hilary Duff Teen Choice Awards 2007 Hosting

Hilary Duff at Kentucky & Harvest

Hilary Duff appeared at the 20th Anniversary Party for Kentucky & USA Harvest at the Open Hand Kitchen at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Louisville on August 25th.

Earlier, at the lunch, Curtis said of Duff that "any father in the world would be proud to have her as a daughter."

Duff, near tears, called the other people in the room — most of them program volunteers or donors — "inspirations."

"I’m overwhelmed to be in a room of so many accomplished adults," she said, adding that she got involved with the program because her mother raised her to "stand for something."

Video here...

and some great pictures ...

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Hilary Duff Minneapolis Concert Pictures

23rd August was dated to Hilary Duff for the Minneapolis Concert,as a part of her Dignity Tour. See the amazing pictures of the Live performance.


What do the guys say about Hilary...?

During her dialogue with the crowd it was apparent of Hilary’s thankfulness to the crowd which at times caused her to pause. She also confessed that even though it might sound cheesy, you should follow your dreams - which proved to be the introduction to her single, Fly. All in all the set ran a little long for the younger crowd, but I doubt there were any complaints. A good night for all ages… what are you waiting for?


Hilary Duff Interviewed for Tony Duran Photohoots

eTalkDaily has exclusive Interview regarding the Tony Duran Photoshoots of Hilary for the FASHION MAGAZINE.


Hilary Duff Fashion Magazine

The Tony Duran Photoshoots have now found their way. See them covered in an issue of FASHION Magazine.

Hilary Duff has 2nd best bikini body

The Daily 10 this week featured the Top 10 Bikini Bodies - Hilary Duff rocks it at number two!!

  1. Jessica Biel
  2. tied: Hilary Duff & Eva Longoria
  3. Beyonce
  4. Evangeline Lilly
  5. Leann Rimes
  6. Rihanna
  7. Jessica Alba
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. Cameron Diaz
  10. Lindsay Lohan

Poor Lindasy !

Watch the video...

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Hilary Duff in France

Two dates for Hilary Duff concerts in France has been announced as said in

  • November 12th 2007 - Grand Rex, Paris
  • November 18th 2007 - Dôme, Marseille

Hilary Duff getting Blonde again

See the picture of Hilary Duff with Brian,the lead singer of GB Leighton, getting Blonde again. She has coloured her hair bright honey again.
Looks great! I think, I should also post my photo here, coz I have also colored my hair honey recently. Ha Ha!

Hilary Duff rated 13 for Red's Top 20 Guilty Pleasures

AOL Red has rated Hilary Duff at the 13th for TOP 20 Guilty Pleasures.
Hilary Duff declared Top #13 Guilty Pleasures

A Cindrella Story 2 production to be started

As reported by Moviehole "A Cinderella Story 2" - the sequal to the "A Cindrella Story" will be going into production this October:

It will get underway in Vancouver in October. No doubt this is going straight to DVD.

No other sites are confirming the existence of this movie, nor is there any evidence Hilary Duff would be a part of the sequel.

Courtesy: Moviehole