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Hilary Duff Looking Hot and Sexy in the Bikini

A Double branded Shape/Safe magazine has covered the first ever Hot and Sexy Bikini pictures of Hilary Duff.
The magazine cover looks as below, sorry no large picture anywhere.

The screencaps from the Shape/Self Magazine preview video has them all.

"Hilary Duff Hot and Sexy in the Shape Magazine"

"Hilary Duff Hot and Sexy in the Shape Magazine"
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And also the interview...

SELF: Are you in the best shape of your life?

Hilary Duff: My sister and I last year really started to motivate each other to eat better and work out together and lose weight. We used to be so bad. Jack in the Box was my weakness, burgers and pizza and dessert all the time. I can’t even believe I used to eat as badly as I did. French fries were an obsession also, and I completely stopped eating them a year ago. It’s funny that when you don’t let yourself have something for a while you don’t miss it as much.

How often do you do pilates?

I try to do pilates three times a week. It’s hard, though, because now I’ve told all my friends about my pilates instructor and my little secret place and now I can’t even get my own appointment! I’ll also go to the gym with my sister and friend and do cardio.

Like what?

I run on the treadmill. I start off in a power walk on a high incline to warm up so I won’t get cramps and stuff, and then I’ll lower it. I can’t jog on an incline. I’d be so tired! I also do the elliptical. I get really out of breath and get a headache on the treadmill, so the elliptical is better. Also, it works your arms.

Plus, there’s no danger of falling off!

You know what’s funny? I was at the gym yesterday with my best girlfriend and it was raining hard so our tennis shoes were wet. We were thinking what if we fall off and slip? And this really big guy did it. He fell off his treadmill. I was trying not to laugh but it was so funny. And it made this huge thud noise. We were like, thank God that wasn’t us!

You credit pilates with your weight loss.

With everything! Seriously, my body changed in three weeks. I’ve always been really muscular; that’s why pilates is good for me. I have broad shoulders and if I do weights or something I’ll bulk up and feel manly, but pilates lengthens me out. Also you feel really powerful.

Do you have an eating philosophy?

Eating should be fun. I did Atkins for three days and I was in the worst mood and so tired. I’m from Texas, so I’m a big meat eater, but I was like oh, no more! I believe in proportion. If I eat bread when they bring bread to the table, I won’t eat pasta or potatoes. Or I’ll try to not have the bread because I know I want dessert. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

How would you eat differently if you had more time?

Probably I’d be able to have a more balanced diet. Because sometimes, I’ll eat something in the morning but then I could spend all day driving around going to meetings, doing this, doing that. I don’t have time to eat so I’ll be so starving for dinner that I’ll eat anything in sight. That’s when you get in trouble, I think. If you try to eat more throughout the day, then you’re more controlled. It helps a lot if I’m around my mom. She’s a diabetic, so she has to eat five times a day or else her blood sugar goes all crazy. That’s a good way to go about things.

You’re launching a new clothing line. You don’t show a lot of skin. Why don’t you have to expose everything to be sexy or look good?

When I feel sexy, I don’t always have fewer clothes on. My clothing line is for girls who are 7 to 14, so we’d never do [overtly sexy clothes] anyway, but I have a line coming out for girls who are 15 to 20 and it’ll be stuff I’d wear. I know when I wear something that’s a little more skimpy, there have been cases where I feel insecure about myself. I don’t feel confident. I’d rather wear a pencil skirt, something I’d feel sexy in. I just think that there is so much more about not showing off everything you have that’s sexy, and leaving sex to the imagination and feeling confident.

It seems that Hilary Duff is child no more. She has really grown up and seems really beautiful for what nature has given to her. She looks really really hot.

Some more from the self magazine website...

Hilary and me when I interviewed her
I never ask celebrities for their autographs. Once you get to know them, asking for an autograph is like asking your sister or friend for one. First, what's the point? Second Hello! Awkward! I recently made my first exception to my no-autograph rule for SELF's July cover girl, Hilary Duff, who is the supreme idol of both my niece and my girlfriend's niece. I grabbed two outtakes from the shoot and asked her to sign both. "How do you spell Annie?" she asked. "Um, A-N-N-I-E." She seemed a little embarrassed to have inquired, but then she told me this story: A young fan had been carrying a picture of Duff all day, and when she finally got the star's attention, Duff obliged and wrote "Mary, Best wishes, Hilary Duff." The girl looked at the photo and said, "It's M-E-R-R-Y." Duff told me that she felt terrible about "ruining" the picture, but then added defensively, "But how the hell was I supposed to know? Now I'm like, 'Oh, Pam? How do you spell that?'" That was the moment I became a Hilary Duff fan. (Oh, and she signed the photos for the girls, who were absolutely thrilled.) —Erin Bried "Always ask the spelling" isn't the only lesson Duff has learned on her way to superstardom. Find out the get-in-shape routine she discovered, and for more great scoop on how she copes with body-image issues, friends who disappoint and the pressure of running a multimillion-dollar business, check out the cover story in the July issue of SELF.

Hilary Duff, Nena and Lola

Edgefest makes Katherine McPhee brought her pup Nena and Hilary Duff who has been a perpetual dog lover got to meet and greet Nena. Some of the pictures of Hilary, Katherine's Dog Nena and Hilary's own dog Lola.
"Hilary Duff, Nena and Lola"
Visit this link for all the images of Hilary Duff , Nena and Lola
Some facts about Lola,
A documentary in VH1, had once said that Hilary's dog wears a 15,000 US$ neck chain. Once found the image it will be published here .

Duff Sisters went to Il Sole

Some of the candids for Hilary Duff at IL Sole. She was with her sister too. Sorry no pictures of them together...
All the pictures are archived here... Feel free to visit this page.

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Hilary Duff Tour Dates for Dignity

Hilary Duff Tour Dates have been updated and I think I should post them here again.

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As is from the site...
Here is a reminder for all you American's to buy tickets to Hilary's Dignity Tour because they are on sale now (some start tomorrow and next week)! Same goes for Canadians (tickets are on sale now!!)

/19/2007 Canada Montreal, QC Centre Bell
7/20/2007 Canada Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place
7/21/2007 Canada Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
7/23/2007 Canada Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum
7/24/2007 Canada London, ON John Labatt Centre
7/25/2007 Canada Sault St. Marie, ON Steelback Centre
7/28/2007 Canada Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
7/30/2007 Canada Saskatoon, SK Credit Union Centre
7/31/2007 Canada Calgary, AB Saddledome
8/1/2007 Canada Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
8/3/2007 Canada Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum
8/4/2007 Canada Victoria, BC Save On Foods Centre

8/6/2007 WA Everett Everett Events Center
8/7/2007 OR Portland Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
8/11/2007 CA Concord Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord
8/12/2007 CA Bakersfield Rabobank Theatre
8/14/2007 CA San Diego Bayside Concerts at the Embarcadero
8/15/2007 AR Universal City Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk
8/18/2007 NV Las Vegas The Pearl Concert
8/19/2007 AZ Phoenix Dodge Theatre
8/21/2007 CO Denver-Englewood Coors Amphitheatre
8/23/2007 MN Minneapolis US BankTheater at Target Center
8/24/2007 IL Chicago Charter One Pavilion
8/25/2007 KY Louisville Louisville Palace Theatre
8/27/2007 NY New York Radio City Music hall
8/29/2007 PA Allentown The Great Allentown Fair
9/1/2007 NY Darien Center Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Hilary Duff Sends 'Hello Note' to a Lesbian Website

Hilary Duff has created a video at Youtube , though the video is posted unofficially. In the video Hilary sends a Hello note to a Lesbian website There may be many questions regarding this video. Some think its a fake, and some may even guess something about Hilary. Lets not make such wild guesses. This may also be a sort of promotion of her album Dignity. Anyway here is the video as uploaded in Youtube...

As exactly as stated in the website,

Supercute pop songstress Hilary Duff, who is out promoting her new single "Stranger" from her Dignity CD, has just passed all of you readers a sweet video love note. We're not sure why she sent it, but we like it! Maybe she has a girl crush on us, or is angling to make our Hot List next year. Hey, after watching her "Stranger" video (hello, bellydancing!), I'd vote for her!