Saturday, January 27, 2007

Interview with Ryan Seacrest before the Album premiere

I wish I would be in US and listen to FM .. her interview but when ...

The actress and singer revealed that she’d recently been on a date with an unnamed suitor, which she said was a unique experience for her.
"I’ve never gotten to (date) before, so it’s kind of exciting," she said. "I’ve always just had a boyfriend, you know? I’m young!"
Duff, 19, said her breakup with Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte, late last year, after two and half years together, wasn’t bitter. "There was nothing – no fight, no ‘He did this, I did this,’ " she said. "It was just time for people to move on and do different things."
They still keep in touch, she added. "I had a really great relationship with him, and we still have a great relationship, which is really good and unusual. He’s a good person, and I always will care about him."
Duff joked with Seacrest that she’s going to take advantage now and play the field for a while. "It’s fun. I kind of feel like a guy, like I can do it now." She added, laughing, "But I feel kind of wrong at the same time."
Asked how long she might go before getting into another serious relationship, she wouldn’t say. "What if I meet someone that I really am into, and they’re really into me, and I’m feeling it and I’m going for it?" she said.

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Hilary Duff's Latest Album Dignity and its cover shots

The Cover shots for Hilary's latest album Dignity are alongside and were obtained from the where the watermark above the pictures indicate .. ....

Hilary Duff's Latest Album Dignity and its cover shots

The Cover shots for Hilary's latest album Dignity are alongside and were obtained from the where the watermark above the pictures indicate .. ....

Hilary Duff blog on AOL is been missing

I have noticed that the Hilary blog on AOL has been missing . It was one of the most reliable sources to get about Hilary and get her own prespectives on what she seems to be feeling about many of the incidents she overcome.

Hovever , I wont stop waiting to make out her blog hosted somewhere..

Or, even the blog may be unavailable due to some other reasons.

I had not expected that I would see this NOT FOUND ERROR when I typed the URL above.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dignity.. the latest album

Hillary Duff returns with a new studio album April 3 titled "Dignity" and a new single "With Love" launching mid-February to pop radio. The video will premiere on MTV 02/08. The "Dignity" album will be coming in a special CD/DVD combo pack and will include her recent single "Play With Fire."


Kara Dioguradi , a song writer is the co-writer for all the songs sang by Hilary on her album Dignity ,who has already written songs for Avril ,Britney and others too.
Why With Love...?
With Love is the name for a duff fragrance launched recently. This may be either the co-incidence or any other strategies or may even be a sort of inspirations in both the cases.

Watch the videos of Dignity at
Songs and Lyrics of Dignity at

The track listings for the album Dignity is as follows:

  • Happy - mellow, acoustic, personal
  • Where’s your Dignity?
  • With Love
  • Gypsy Woman
  • Play with Fire

The songs' videos are available at
Songs and Lyrics of Dignity at

The song Where's your dignity? is written by Hilary herself and feels important to have dignity. She also claims her album to be a dance album.

The songs both being happy and sad , the influence of Joel split up could be guessed somehow. However this may not be true in either of the cases. She claims to be in touch with Joel even after the split up. But I guess ... I had written once in this very blog about Hilary ignoring Joel and not answering the calls from him..

Here is a video of Kiss fm 102.7 where Hilary had her first premiere for her album Dignity. Visit it at Hilary Duff Videos Encyclopedia

Hilary Duff premires her newest album titled Diginity

Hilary Duff premires her newest album titled Diginity ...

For the premiere she had gone to Ryan Seacrest and had made an announcement there.The picture alongside shows Hilary with Ryan at the studio.....
She sang her 'With Love' track as the first premiered song for her album in the show.
Please visit for mp3's and lyrics of songs of Dignity and other albums of Hilary

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hilary Duff Changes her hair

Hilary Duff appears in a new hair color.
She gets her hair lightened. She has put on a light red colour to colour her hair. She seems more pretty .

Hilary Duff with her mom and sister

The Three Duffs...
I had always tried to put a picture of all the family members of Duff but not got them together. This one I got from the JFX Image includes herself,her sister Haylie and her mother Susan Duff. I hope i will one day frame her father too.

Jail for Teen Accused of Stalking Hilary

TORRANCE, Calif. - A teenager was sentenced to 117 days in jail Friday after pleading no contest to stalking Hilary Duff.

A Superior Court judge also ordered 18-year-old Maksim Myaskovskiy to serve five years probation.

Myaskovskiy was arrested in November after police said he made several phone calls from a hotel room to a private security firm employed by the singer-actress.

To read rest of the story please visit the link at

Friday, January 19, 2007

Dinsey Channel Intro By Hilary Duff

Hilary presentando el canal DISNEY CHANNEL

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hilary's Upcoming Album

Hilary's upcoming album... - 1/16/2007
Hilary has been in the studio finishing up her album which you can look for this April. Hilary has been co-writing every song with Kara Dioguardi ( Gwen Stefani, Pussycat Dolls , Kelly Clarkson...) so each song is very personal to her. She has been working with some excitng producers and mixers such as Richard "Humpty" Vission (The Killers, Sting, Usher), Tim and Bob (Madonna, Destiny's Child, Will Smith) and 4 time Grammy winner, Manny Marroquin (John Mayer, Alicia Keys, kanye West. This album will be something that will make you want to put your dancing shoes on. You may have already heard the two songs "Play With Fire" and "With Love" so if that got ya movin', just wait and see what else is comin'!!!!

The following extract was available through the entry at the Hilary Duff official site

Saturday, January 13, 2007

David Yurman Boutique invites Hilary at its inauguration

Hilary Duff is seen to be present at the David Yourman Boutique during its opening on 12th January 2007.This glory much glows her and seems really beautiful.

I prefer this smile her Hilary the most.
For more beautiful pics of Hilary at the opening , visit the link below

Hilary Duff toward the Eclectic Cafe

Some great candids of Hilary Duff going for lunch at Eclectic Cafe (a cute little restaurant in the NoHo Arts District) on January 9th, 2007. Hilary then went to her LA recording studio.

I felt its not so important to add the news of Hilary where she goes and what she does, if she attends the the restaurant for her launch and dinner or something else not so important. I feel them as the papa.z.. So am sorry for that. Please visit the link above for her pictures at the Eclectic Cafe way ..

Hilary Duff fails to make her into the movie Brothers and Sisters

The deal that was to be made between the Hilary Duff's role in the upcoming movie "Brothers And Sisters". It feels really bad to hear about that. However , may the movie hit the box office record. But it seems that the movie was meant for Hilary as the name reflects.. No more pictures ..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Joel Nicole and Hilary

Brothers and Siters

Will be continued ...

Hilary Duff's New Album ..

Hilary makes photoshots for the the pictures to her new album..

I want to provide the link at the for pictures at her photoshoot for the new album .. Feel free to visit. Hilary Duff's New Album fitting pictures

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hilary Duff at the Southbeach Club during the new Years

Hilary Duff celebrates her new year at the Southbeach Club during the new year eve i guess. She seems to be solo there and is really alone after Joel split. But is she really feeling bad. Among all the pictures at the party I liked the most this one.

More Pictures of Hilary Southbeach Club night at