Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dignity.. the latest album

Hillary Duff returns with a new studio album April 3 titled "Dignity" and a new single "With Love" launching mid-February to pop radio. The video will premiere on MTV 02/08. The "Dignity" album will be coming in a special CD/DVD combo pack and will include her recent single "Play With Fire."


Kara Dioguradi , a song writer is the co-writer for all the songs sang by Hilary on her album Dignity ,who has already written songs for Avril ,Britney and others too.
Why With Love...?
With Love is the name for a duff fragrance launched recently. This may be either the co-incidence or any other strategies or may even be a sort of inspirations in both the cases.

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The track listings for the album Dignity is as follows:

  • Happy - mellow, acoustic, personal
  • Where’s your Dignity?
  • With Love
  • Gypsy Woman
  • Play with Fire

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Songs and Lyrics of Dignity at

The song Where's your dignity? is written by Hilary herself and feels important to have dignity. She also claims her album to be a dance album.

The songs both being happy and sad , the influence of Joel split up could be guessed somehow. However this may not be true in either of the cases. She claims to be in touch with Joel even after the split up. But I guess ... I had written once in this very blog about Hilary ignoring Joel and not answering the calls from him..

Here is a video of Kiss fm 102.7 where Hilary had her first premiere for her album Dignity. Visit it at Hilary Duff Videos Encyclopedia

Hilary Duff premires her newest album titled Diginity

Hilary Duff premires her newest album titled Diginity ...

For the premiere she had gone to Ryan Seacrest and had made an announcement there.The picture alongside shows Hilary with Ryan at the studio.....
She sang her 'With Love' track as the first premiered song for her album in the show.
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