Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hilary Duff at NY State Fair

Hilary Duff performed at the New York State Fair in Geddes, N.Y on August 29




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Hilary Duff not getting The Best of Reviews

Poor Duffster, her man leaves her and within months impregnates another woman and now she is not getting the best of reviews on her music.

Hilary Duff has begun her tour and let’s just say she isn’t getting much love from the critics.

There was an article about her tour basically saying that she really doesn’t have a good voice. They did however say that her music is good club music because of the high tunes and her squeaky voice. They did mention that she should not sing any ballads.

I don’t think Hilary Duff thinks she has an amazing voice.
She knows she is an entertainer more than a singer. It would be silly if she thought she had Christina Aguilera’s or Whitney Houston’s voice. The girl is just having fun with her music.

Young philanthropist to meet Hilary Duff

Times Colonist
Published: Thursday, August 30, 2007

A young local philanthropist will be treated like a pop star when her dream of meeting Hilary Duff comes true next week.

Jeneece Edroff, 12, has neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumor growth in tissues surrounding nerves. But that hasn't stopped her from raising more than $640,000 for various charities -- including Variety, Cops for Cancer and the British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Foundation.

After meeting Jeneece, Peter Devries, store manager of the Hillside Zellers, called the HBC head office to see if he could make her dream come true. Devries told Zellers marketing activation manager Daniel Rozak of her good deeds and her dream. Rozak got on the phone to Duff's staff and Jeneece will now be off to Toronto for three days.

She'll be given a $1,000 Zellers shopping spree and put up in a swanky downtown hotel. She'll be supplied with Duff merchandise and have here own professional photo shoot, including hair and makeup.

Then she'll see Duff in concert and, after the show, go backstage.

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Hilary Duff Discovers Spring Awakening

Date: 8/28/2007

It was another exciting week on Broadway for Spring Awakening. Not only did the 2007 Tony Award-winning Best Musical announce that they'd recouped their $4.6 million investment this week, but the show continues to be the must-see Broadway hit for the hottest young stars on the scene. Hence, on Tuesday, August 28, we captured a post-show backstage visit from Lizzie McGuire star-turned-pop princess Hilary Duff, who brought her new boyfriend, the infamous Canadian hockey jock Mike Comrie. Check it out.

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Duff drawas young crowd

Thursday, August 30, 2007
By Laura Silvius
Contributing writer

It's hard to believe it was four years ago that Hilary Duff took that plunge that is inevitable of all tween icons in this day and age (especially those under Disney's control) and released her first album.

When Duff, 19, returned to the state fair for a concert Wednesday (her last one was in 2005), one might have expected her fans to have grown up with her. But most looked barely old enough to warrant the label "tween," which applies to children between the ages of 8 and 12.
Perhaps it is Duff's still-wholesome image that prevents her demographic from aging as she does. But she plays the part of the tween queen wonderfully, complete with a full-on light show, costume changes, background dancers and supplemental video.

The costumes and choreography had more sex appeal than anticipated for a show geared toward such an age group, but the tweens didn't mind. In fact, Duff seemed quite at home in her tween-dom. Duff performed primarily songs from her most recent album, "Dignity," which premiered in April. Though not without talent, Duff's voice varied from sounding relatively common to downright meager. At times she sings as clear as a bell, at other times she's obviously straining.

Duff doesn't possess a strong voice, but it's a distinct one, and she moves from song to song without much effort. The arrangements and back-up singers managed to help her find her way through the more difficult spots, but often it seemed that the talented individuals on stage with Duff were having more fun than she was.

Opening for Duff was The Click Five, a rock band that took the stage in the snappy costumes that are almost a trademark, making them look reminiscent of the Beatles (though with slightly shaggier hair). It was clear who had attended the concert especially for the band, because they averaged five to seven years over those who came wearing Hilary Duff T-shirts.

The quintet warmed up the crowd beautifully. Promoting their new album, "Modern Minds and Pastimes," which was released in June, the band played with strong lead vocals in Kyle Patrick, who has been with the band less than a year, and an undeniable bass talent in Ethan Mentzer. The other members of the band are Joe Guese on guitar, Ben Romans on keyboard and Joey Zehr on drums.

The five come from Boston: all but Zehr attended the Berklee College of Music. They have one hit from 2005, "Just The Girl," and the single "Jenny" from the new album.

A couple of the songs sounded like one another, but for the most part the band demonstrated an irrefutable appeal, and audience members nodded their heads in time.

What's Her Best Look? has started a poll asking what is Hilary's Best Look.

The singer ditched her dark brown hair for a lighter, caramel shade that she showed off at the Teen Choice Awards.

Poll Question?
What's her best look?
Caramel blonde

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Spotted in New York again together, HOLDING Hands, FLIRTING EACH OTHER, and DINING TOGETHER

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie in New York holding hands together at Fifth Avenue on 28th August. Read the gossip at Hello.

After splitting from Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden in November last year, romance is on the cards again for teen idol Hilary Duff. The actress enjoyed an evening out at Hollywood hotspot Opera on Monday night with her hockey ace beau Mike Comrie, before jetting off with him to the Big Apple on Tuesday. There they enjoyed a stroll hand-in-hand down Fifth Avenue.

While it's still early days for the twosome, things couldn't be going better according to sources close to the couple. "They're always together and can't keep their hands off each other," commented a friend. The multi-talented actress and singer first went public about her relationship with the Canadian-born New York Islanders hockey player during a July 25 dinner date at celebrity hotspot Georgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California.

Not long afterwards Mike accompanied the 19-year-old to Winnipeg where she kicked off the Canadian leg of her North American Dignity tour. The trip also gave him the chance to show her round his Edmonton home town. And if love continues to blossom it may well be Hilary's turn to support the 26-year-old sportsman when he takes to the ice for the 2007-2008 NHL season in early October.

See the pictures of the pair, holding hands at New York,


They were out for dinner at Hotspot Butter in New York on the same day. See the pictures,