Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lifehouse cancelled the opening band dates for Hilary Duff

Lifehouse has cancelled the remainder of the tour they were to complete with Hilary Duff (as her opening band)

Dates Cancelled
Lifehouse will not be performing the rest of thier scheduled dates with Hilary Duff. Sorry to all for the inconvenience. Their tour with the Goo Goo Dolls will resume in Chicago on the 23rd.

No word if this is because Hilary Duff fans don’t like Lifehouse or if it is because Lifehouse fans were upset about the pairing.


Hilary Duff Dignity Tour in USA, Fresno Concert Videos

Hilary Duff continued her tour in Fresno California on August 12th,as a continuation to her Dignity Tour in USA. See the videos

Hilary Duff's Performance in Concord

Hilary has now reached to Concord on her Dignity Tour in USA, after completing her Dignity Tour in Canada. See the performance Videos. As usual , she is stunning, gives a blazing performance, and is making the crowd crazy.

Venue: Concord, Canada
Date: 11th August 2007
Context: Dignity Tour in USA

Hilary Duff's "So Yesterday" covered by Amber Pacific

Amber Pacific Covers the Hialry Duff's "So Yesterday" claiming it one of the best rocking songs of the year.

Courtesy: video.aol.com

Dignity Diaries with XM Radio20on20

The "Dignity Diaries" interview on XM radio 20on20.
Here is the full radio interview in three videos:

In the interview she talks about her Dignity tour, who were with them, her pets, her fans and their response and a lot more