Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hilary Duff at the Time Supper Club in Montreal. September 4 2007


Hilary Duff Kentucky Concert Review at

Louisville, Kentucky: August 25th 2007!

sign.jpgThe Night Before:

I was taking out my contacts and one of them had ripped. And I thought I had brought 2 sets just in case but 1 set got left at home. So I was so upset that I was going to have to wear glasses in my pictures.

Earlier The Next Day:

We went to get my hair done which took forever but I loved it! While I was getting my hair done we met up with Kayla and her family! Then we went to go get my eyes checked because my prescription was a year old. The doctor didn?t think they would have them in but to my surprise they did! So that was a prayer answered! After that we ate at the California Pizza Kitchen then went back to the hotel to get ready!

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Fan Meets Hilary Duff at Allentown, CA

A letter from a fan of Hilary to

hi1.jpgI recently got the chance to meet Hilary at her show in Allentown Pa. (August 31st) Me and 3 of my friends were last in line waiting for Hilary to come out.We were talking and all of a sudden Hilary come from behind us and says ”hey guys how are you”,it was so unexpected and I wasn’t too prepared for it and only managed to get out a quick hi!

I was last in line and when it was my turn I walked over to her,she greeted me with a “hi! how are you?”

hi2.jpg All I could notice was how green her eyes were and how beautiful she looked. They took our picture and I told her that she is such a good role model and that I’m so proud of her. She said “aw thank you,you’re so sweet”,and then I walked away.

I wish I could of thought of something more to say to her,but my mind was running wild. I just want her to know that I am so happy for all of the accomplishments she has made, and that I think that she is such a good person and to keep doing what she’s doing and never let what people say get her down, she’s inspired a lot a lot of people, and I’ll never forget the experience I had with her.


Canoe Jam Music, Concert Review

Scotiabank Place, Ottawa - Sept. 5, 2007

By -- Sun Media
Ottawa, and the rest of the world for that matter, just can't get enough of that teen queen Hilary Duff.

The 19-year-old entertainer has released four albums over the past four years, including her latest collection of derivative dance numbers and ballads called Dignity. As if that wasn't enough, she's also done a couple of movies, designed her own line of tween wear and launched her own fragrance, "Stuff."

Even with all that on her plate, Duff made time to walk through something that looked like a concert at Scotiabank Place last night.

Talking about dignity, there wasn't much of it in this brazen parade of marketing-based entertainment. And much like her last visit in 2006, Duff worked the screaming bubblegummers and their parents over ruthlessly with a tightly choreographed but hopelessly robotic show.

It opened with a truly deafening wail from 4,200 hormonally discharging teenaged girls as Duff dove into Playing With Fire, Danger and that theme song for dozens of acne cream ads, Come Clean.

And when she leaned back, closed her eyes and belted that one out, it actually looked like she was singing.

Courtesy: Canoe Jam