Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hilary Duff Disney Adventures in India

Hilary Duff talks to Disney Adventure Magazine in India for their August 2007 edition.

Q Do you prefer acting to singing or doing both simoultaneously?
A I love both, but if I were to pick one, I’d say singing.
Q Who are your favorite singers? Do you idolize anyone?
A I love Nelly Furtardo! I think she’s really cool. I love how she started out and where she’s reached now. Everything about her just works.
Q If you could be or play the voice of a Disney character, who would it be?
A I loved Minnie Mouse when I was little.
Q Do you have a message for the readers of Disney Adventures?
A Hey guys! Thanks so much for your love and support for Lizzie! Remember, always follow your dreams. Love you!
Q Your mom is super cool! What is your relationship with her?
A My mom, my sister and I have always had an incredible relationship. She’s (mom is) smart and tough. And there’s still so much for me to learn from her. But I need her in a different way now than I did when I was 16.
Q What was it like playing Lizzie McGuire’s character?
A It was a great experience - quite like a normal teen’s life.
Q What intrigues you the most about India?
A I haven’t been to India as yet but I’ve heard its beautiful! I would love to visit.

Courtesy: Hduffworld

"War, Inc" Delayed till 2008

Officialy, its now reported that War, Inc will be delayed till 2008.

Thought Hilary had announced that War, Inc would premiere this September, at Toronoto International Film Festival, it won't happen now.

As told by John Causak...

A: The movie I wrote was with Mark Leyner, who’s a great satirist — he used to do a lot of stuff for the New Yorker — and Jeremy Pikser, who wrote Reds and Bulworth with Warren Beatty. It is about an assassin who’s looking to take out a Middle East oil minister, but a lot of complications get in the way. It’s being called War, Inc. while it’s being sold to foreign markets. But it will probably have another title before it comes out next year. It’s wild. The cast includes my sister (Joan), Ben Kingsley and Hilary Duff, so that tells you something right there.


Hilary Duff with Jojnjay and Rich

Hilary Duff interviewed by Jojnjay and Rich of the KISS 104.7 FM.

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