Saturday, January 13, 2007

David Yurman Boutique invites Hilary at its inauguration

Hilary Duff is seen to be present at the David Yourman Boutique during its opening on 12th January 2007.This glory much glows her and seems really beautiful.

I prefer this smile her Hilary the most.
For more beautiful pics of Hilary at the opening , visit the link below

Hilary Duff toward the Eclectic Cafe

Some great candids of Hilary Duff going for lunch at Eclectic Cafe (a cute little restaurant in the NoHo Arts District) on January 9th, 2007. Hilary then went to her LA recording studio.

I felt its not so important to add the news of Hilary where she goes and what she does, if she attends the the restaurant for her launch and dinner or something else not so important. I feel them as the papa.z.. So am sorry for that. Please visit the link above for her pictures at the Eclectic Cafe way ..

Hilary Duff fails to make her into the movie Brothers and Sisters

The deal that was to be made between the Hilary Duff's role in the upcoming movie "Brothers And Sisters". It feels really bad to hear about that. However , may the movie hit the box office record. But it seems that the movie was meant for Hilary as the name reflects.. No more pictures ..